The Newton Police Detective Bureau is located at 25 Chestnut St. West Newton ,MA 02465 .
The Bureau is responsible for follow-up investigations of all serious crimes committed in the City of Newton. Detectives investigate adult missing persons cases and adult sexual assault cases. The Bureau is responsible for intelligence analysis and dissemination that has value to officers in conducting their duties. This includes significant arrests, recent releases from correctional facilities, parole and probation information. The Detective Bureau collects information on known criminal offenders with modus operandi and crime specialty which can identify potential targets for property crime and crimes against persons. Officers selected to work in the Detective Bureau receive specialized training in crime scene investigation and the collection of evidence, interviewing and interrogation techniques, arson investigation, computer crimes, drug investigation and homicide investigations.

A Detective Sergeant is assigned as liaison to the Newton District and Middlesex Superior Court. The Det. Sgt. / Police Prosecutor monitor’s cases as they proceed through the judicial system. She/he ensures that each one is presented in a professional, thorough manner and as a result of a police investigation; the Commonwealth is able to put forth the strongest case possible. Police Prosecutors actively communicate with Police Officers, the District Attorney’s office, Victim-Witness Advocates, the Newton Police Social Worker and a varied array of law enforcement agencies.

The Detective Bureau is responsible for management and issuances of licenses to carry firearms and firearms identification cards.

The Bureau manages the review and periodic inspection of all second hand dealers in the city.

A designated detective registers, photographs, fingerprints and monitors convicted sex offenders who live in Newton and monitors those who are employed in the city. Citizens are welcomed to review this information on the States “” website, specifically on the “SORB” subsection. (Sexual Offender Registry Board)

Several members of the Detective Bureau are assigned to the Suburban Middlesex County Drug Task Force. These officers deal exclusively with drug investigations in the surrounding cities and towns in the Newton area.

A member of the Detective Bureau is currently assigned to the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Boston Strike Force.

A member of the Detective Bureau is currently assigned to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Human Trafficking/Child Exploitation Task Force.

The Newton Police Department maintains a telephone line where callers who wish to remain anonymous can leave information regarding drug or criminal activity. Persons wanting to report such activity should call the Tip Line at 617 796 2121.

To contact the Detective Bureau, please call 617 796 2104

The Commander of the Detective Bureau is Captain Christopher Marzilli “