Animal Control
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Animal Control officers enforce violation of local laws and city ordinances.  They provide for the protection of citizens from potential dangers posed by domesticated or wild animals.  These officers maintain liaison with local veterinary services, respond to and investigate animal bites, reports of sick or injured animals, and resolve complaints about animals received from local citizens.

The Animal Control Office is located at 1321 Washington St. Newton, MA 02465, the phone number is (617) 796-2109. 
When you contact this number you will hear information to better assist you or direct you to the correct person who can assist your particular problem or concern.  You can also leave a message for an Animal Control Officer, and they will return your call as soon as possible.

If you need to report a dog bite, a bat in your residence, an injured animal, or any wildlife exhibiting aggressive behavior, please call the main police number 617-796-2100.  You may also call this number to report a lost or found cat, dog, or other domestic animal.

The Animal Control Officers investigate all dog bites, complaints of dogs off leash, barking dogs, and cases of abuse and neglect.  Please leave a message with Animal Control with the address of the complaint and your name and call back number.  Animal Control does not accept anonymous complaints.

Cats are not required in the City of Newton to be leashed, but it is advised to keep your cat indoors for their safety.  Please do not bring an unknown cat in to your residence or start a feeding station on your property.  If a feral cat with kittens has taken up residence on your property, please visit the City of Newton Webpage for further instructions.  Please be reminded that feral cats are the number one carrier of the rabies virus and should never be handled.

Dogs must be leashed at all times when on public property and the leash cannot exceed ten feet.  Dogs may be off leash in designated off leash areas only, after purchasing a medalion from the City Clerks Office.

The City of Newton currently requires all individuals walking dogs on city property to carry implement\/ss to remove dog feces.
Any violations to the current dog ordinances can result in a $50.00 fine for each offence.

The Animal Control Officers can assist you with removing wildlife in your living space.  Wildlife in your attic space, walls, or underneath decks and sheds will require the assistance of a pest control company.  They have the correct permits to trap and remove wildlife.  Animal Control does not trap and remove unwanted wildlife from your property.  If a wild animal is captured inside your residence, Animal Control can only release the animal outside of your residence.  If you have a hole in your house the animal will then go right back in.  That is why a pest control company is needed.  Massachusetts law prohibits moving any wild animal from one area to another.  This law has been in effect for many years, protecting both humans and wildlife.  Moving an animal does not solve the problem.  Within a short period of time, other individuals of the same or another species will move in, unless food is removed, and access to gardens, chimneys or attics is blocked.

All dogs that reside in a household in the City of Newton for a period of 90 days or are six months of age must be licensed by April 1 by the City of Newton.  The license can be applied for by visiting the City Clerks Office at City Hall, 1000 Commonwealth Ave., 617-796-1200.  The cost of the license is $10.00 for a spayed or neutered dog, otherwise $15.00.  You can also apply online by visiting the City of Newton website.

Animal Control currently has four locations that stray dogs can be held.  If you are missing your dog please call 617-796-2100 and speak with a dispatcher.  They will let you know if your dog was found and where the dog is currently being held.

Animal Control does not take in stray cats.  If the cat is sick or injured it will be taken to a local Veterinarian Hospital for treatment and scanned for a micro-chip.  The cat will be held until an owner is located or a decision is made by a Veterinarian due to the condition of the cat.  

Information and education on wildlife and wildlife issues is available on the City of Newton Website, click on Residents and then on Animal Information.  If you have further questions you can contact a biologist at the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife 508-389-7890, or speak with Animal Control 617-796-2109.

If you would like to volunteer to become a part of the (NMART) Newton Massachusetts Animal Control Response Team, then click on application to join and volunteer.

If you would like to report a rat sighting please contact the Health Department at 617-796-1420.

If you would like to report a dead animal on city property, contact Newton City Hall at 617-796-1000. 

If you have a dead animal on private property, the animal is the responsibility of the home owner.  The animal can be bagged and placed in your trash.  If you would like the animal picked up, place the bagged animal at the curb and contact Newton City Hall.

If you have located an injured raptor like a hawk, owl, or falcon, contact the Animal Rescue League of Boston at 617-426-9170.  You can also contact Animal Control or any local animal rehabber.  Visit the City of Newton webpage, click on Animal Control for contact information.

If a wild animal is seen during the daytime that does not mean the animal is rabid. 

If you have an animal in your garbage can, open the lid and knock the can over and leave the area so the animal can exit.

Securing your garbage cans by placing them in your garage, using bungee cords, or a cinder block placed on top of the can will deter animals like raccoons from entering.  You can also purchase closed garbage can storage containers to house the city issued cans. 

Bird feeders will attract all kinds of wildlife to your yard.  Please keep the area under bird feeders clean of all fallen seed.  The seed can attract rats, skunks, and other animals, and also the larger animals like coyotes who feed on the smaller wildlife.  If your neighborhood is having problems with wildlife, removing bird feeders, pet food, and using only closed compost containers will help. 

If you would like to deter wildlife from your yard, make sure you’re not inadvertently feeding them or providing them housing.  Secure your garages, decks, and sheds.  You can bury chicken wire that is attached to the bottom of sheds and decking to deter animals from digging under to seek shelter or rear young.  Garage doors should always be kept closed, and staying on top of maintenance of all structures is important.  Remember that an animal can chew a hole at any time and gain entry.  If you need assistance, there are many pest control companies that can help.  The City of Newton will not contract, endorse, or recommend to residents any particular company. 

If you need to report bees or wasps on city property contact the Division of Parks and Recreation at 617-796-1500.  Pests on private property are the responsibility of the homeowner.
If you need information on being able to own chickens or other barn animals, contact the Health Department (BEFORE YOU PURCHASE THE ANIMALS) for more information on barn permits.  617-796-1420 

If you would like to report a coyote sighting, please visit the City of Newton Webpage.  Coyotes are everywhere and Animal Control does not need to be notified unless the animal is sick, injured, or there has been a direct coyote human contact.  Coyotes can kill dogs and cats, so keeping pets leashed and indoors is important.


Please feel free to contact the Animal Control Officers if you need assistance.

If you would like to volunteer to become a part of the (NMART) Newton Massachusetts Animal Control Response Team then clcik on application to join and volunteer.