Animal Control
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Animal control officers enforce violation of local laws and city ordinances. They provides for the protection of citizens from potential dangers posed by domesticated or wild animals. These officers maintains liaison with local veterinary services, responds to and investigates animal bites, reports of sick or injured animals, and resolves complaints about animals received from local citizens.

The Animal Control Office is located at the 1321 Washington St. Newton, Ma. 02465, the phone number is (617)-796-2109. When you contact this number you can leave a message and one of the Animal Control Officers will return your call, as they do not man the office. One of the officers does check the voice mail throughout the day.

If you need to report a dog bite, an animal struck by a vehicle or any wildlife exhibiting aggressive behavior, please call the main police number 617-796-2100. You may also call this number to report a lost or found cat or dog.

The Animal Control Officers investigate all dog bites, complaints of dogs off leash, barking dogs and cases of abuse and neglect.

Cats are not required in the City of Newton to be leashed.

Dogs must be leashed at all times when on public property and the leash can not exceed ten feet.

The City of Newton currently requires all individuals walking dogs on city property to carry implements to remove dog feces.

If an individual receives a citation for a violation of City Ordinance 3-23, 3-24, 3-25 or 3-26, they have the option of paying the fine or requesting a hearing before a Magistrate at the Newton District Court 1209 Washington St. Newton, Ma. telephone number 617-244-3600, within 20 days of receiving the citation.

The Animal Control Officers can assist you with removing wildlife from some very specific areas of your home or refer you to locally licensed companies who can assist you.

All dogs that reside in a household in the City of Newton for a period 90 days or are six months of age must be licensed by April 1 st, by the City of Newton. The license can be applied for at the City Clerks Office @ Newton City Hall 1000 Commonwealth Ave., 617-796-1200. The cost of the license is $10.00 for a spayed or neutered dog, otherwise $15.00.

The City of Newton currently houses all stray dogs @ the V.C.A. Rotherwood Animal Hospital 78 Winchester St. Newton, Ma. 02461, phone number 617-244-4367.

The Animal Control Officers are capable of providing information and education on wildlife and wildlife issues.

Please feel free to contact the Animal Control Officers if you need assistance.

If you would like to volunteer to become a part of the (NMART) Newton Massachusetts Animal Control Response Team then clcik on application to join and volunteer.