Citizens Guide to Complaints/Commendations

To Make an Inquiry, Complaint or Commendation:
Write to:
Office of the Chief of Police
Attn: Internal Affairs Bureau
Newton Police Department
1321 Washington Street
West Newton, MA 02465

Or Call:
**Request to speak with the Officer-in-Charge**

We encourage inquiries and complaints about questionable performance, actions or policies. We also encourage commendations for those who perform their duties exceptionally well.

All inquiries or commendation should be forwarded to the Office of the Chief of Police. We encourage positive feedback when one of our employees does an exceptional job.

Making a Complaint
A formal complaint may be made to any member of the Police Department who will then immediately refer the matter to a supervisor. All complaints will be kept confidential. Formal complaints will be classified as either of a serious or of a less serious nature. The employee’s immediate supervisor may handle less serious complaints.
Serious complaints such as criminal misconduct or violations of civil rights will be referred to the Office of the Chief of Police and coordinated by the Internal Affairs Bureau. All complainants are notified in writing of the disposition of the their complaint.

The disposition of all serious complaints are classified under the following: Unfounded – Complaint or incident is false and not factual. Exonerated – Complaint or incident did occur but our personnel’s actions were lawful and proper. Not Sustained – Insufficient evidence either to prove or disprove the complaint or incident. Sustained – The complaint or incident is supported by sufficient evidence of misconduct by departmental personnel.
Policy failure- Employee acted properly within Department policy, however, the complaint was valid and justifiable.